• Fundamental thermal transport studies in low-dimensional materials

  • Thermoelectric transport in topological insulator nanoribbons

  • Synthesis and property characterization of nanostructured thermoelectric materials

  • Design and fabrication of micro-thermoelectric generators

  • Thermal interface materials

  • Enhancement of critical heat flux in pool boiling


August 8, 2016

W. Zhang, J. Yang, D. Xu*, J. Microelectromech. Syst. 25, 744-749 (2016). 

In this paper, we report a high power density cross-plane micro-thermoelectric generator (TEG) fabricated by integrating pulsed electroplating with micro-fabrication processes. The TEG consists of a total of 127 pairs of n-type Bi2Te3 and p-type Sb2Te3 thermoelectric pillars embedded in a SU-8 matr...

August 25, 2015

J. Yang*, H. Tang, Y. Zhao, Y. Zhang, J. Li, Z. Ni, Y. Chen, and D. Xu*, Nanoscale 7, 16071-16078 (2015).

Many binary octet compounds including CdSe can be grown in either wurtzite (WZ) or zinc blende (ZB) phase, which has aroused great interest among research community to understand the phase dependence of thermal transport properties of these compounds.  So far, it is still debatable...

July 31, 2015

A. Zhou, Q. Fu, W. Zhang, B. Yang, J. Li, P. Ziolkowski, E. Mueller, and D. Xu*, Electrochim. Acta 178, 217-224 (2015).


The electroplating method has been widely used to synthesize Bi2Te3 thin films due to many advantages including low cost, non-vacuum operation, and compatibility with microfabrication processes.  However, the structure-property correlation of the elect...

March 12, 2015

H. Tang, X. Wang, Y. Xiong, Y. Zhao, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, J. Yang*, and D. Xu*​, Nanoscale 7, 6683-6690 (2015).

Bismuth selenide (Bi2Se3) nanoribbons attracted tremendous research interests recently to study the property of topologically protected surface states that enable new opportunities to enhance thermoelectric performance.  However, thermoelectric characterization of individual B...

January 21, 2015

Q. Fu, J. Yang*, Y. Chen, D. Li, and D. Xu*, Appl. Phys. Lett. 106, Art. No. 031905 (2015). 


We report on experimental studies of the average phonon mean free path in the c-axis direction of graphite.  Through systematically measuring the cross-plane thermal conductivity of thin graphite flakes with thickness ranging from 24 nm to 714 nm via a differential three omega method, we d...

June 1, 2013

J. P. Feser*, D. Xu*, H. Lu, Y. Zhao, A. Shakouri, A. C. Gossard, and A. Majumdar, Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, Art. No. 103102 (2013).


The thermal conductivity of epitaxially grown semiconducting alloys of InxGa1‑xSb is studied and compared to Er doped alloys.  At concentrations as low as ~0.4% vol. Er, the Er coalesces to form epitaxially embedded ErSb nanocrystals which reduce the therma...

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